Does the Diesel Engine Perform to Expectations?

People purchase vehicles with diesel engines because they are looking for more power than a vehicle powered by gasoline. That can mean towing power, enough to handle heavy loads in the truck bed, speed, or the ability to access off-road trails. Those buying their first diesel engine vehicle are not always satisfied with the amount of diesel power in the model. People expecting more power will find what is desired with aftermarket products.


The engine has more capabilities with aftermarket products than it does with original factory systems and parts. Replacing the original oil cooler, for example, with an aftermarket one provides more durability and eliminates common factory problems. Original coolers tend to clog frequently and engines experience head gasket failures. Those issues are less likely to happen once aftermarket parts are installed.

Owners who have installed aftermarket electric fuel system kits on older 7.3L Power stroke Ford trucks report better fuel mileage, easier starting, quieter idling, and a power gain overall. These models were replaced in 2003 when emissions regulations became too low for the larger engine to meet. Kits for this purpose are offered for engines beginning in model year 1994. Explore the options and decide which kits will enhance performance to meet the owner's expectations.

Aftermarket Manufacturers

There are currently more aftermarket manufacturers than there are manufacturers of vehicles. The number is now over seventy including driven diesel, bulletproof diesel, KCM diesel, and fuelab. Kits and parts are available for just about every system in a diesel vehicle. Performance parts, custom applications, electrical components, accessories, and even software chips to alter the original factory programming are offered online.

Some products can be found in auto repair shops, but the widest selection is on websites. Many websites are operated in conjunction with diesel repair and custom bodywork businesses. Kits can be ordered and shipped to vehicle owners who wish to install them, local shops designated by customers, or kits can be installed on-site. Detailed instructions are included, and many kits are easy to install, although there are some that are more labor-intensive. Read descriptions to determine the degree of time needed for installation.